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Here at Outsource Construction we are passionate about giving people opportunities to work on exciting projects within the local area, providing sustainable employment and long term prospects.

We work with local authorities and job brokerages to support developers and their main contractors' commitments to delivering on Section 106 local labour targets. 

Our service offers:

  • Weekly site visits to engage with sub contractors 

  • Attending job fairs and events 

  • Sourcing, qualifying, shortlisting local labour through local partners and brokerages 

  • Ensure weekly job vacancy list is provided to partners. 

  • Act as liaison between local authority and contractor for reporting purposes. 

  • Full and accurate reporting mechanism for project team to report to board on progress 

  • Key to the success is the pastoral care & mentoring throughout the probation period and beyond 13 weeks  

If you're interested in working with Outsource Construction, please get in touch:

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